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Why the Warriors Should Want Nothing to Do With a Kevin Durant Reunion

Emmanuel Acho: “Don’t you dare EVER trade away tomorrow for yesterday, and by trying to acquire Kevin Durant that is what the Warriors would be doing. Jordan Poole, he’s tomorrow. Wiseman, tomorrow. Kuminga, tomorrow. Moody, tomorrow. Kevin Durant, that’s yesterday. The Warriors are set to have another solid team. Keep this crux of the organization for the next 10-12 years. Jordan Poole – 21, James Wiseman – 21, Moses Moody – 20, Kuminga – 19… Kevin Durant – 33 and aging. So while Kevin Durant is incredibly talented, I do not want to sacrifice another decade or maybe two of consistent Warrior play for another year, maybe two, of high-level play. Don’t EVER make the mistake of trading away tomorrow for yesterday.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Emmanuel Acho explain why the Golden State Warriors should want no part of a reunion with Kevin Durant, as Acho says the Warriors should not ‘trade away tomorrow for yesterday.’

Check out the segment above as Acho details why the Warriors have too bright of a young core to fool around with a 33-year-old KD again.

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